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To Use the Automatic Chamfer Selection
1. Create a Countersink NC sequence and set up a tool with the Point_Angle corresponding to the chamfer geometry that you want to machine. For more information, see Example: Automatic Chamfer Selection.
Use the Countersink feature if your design model contains Chamfer features that you need to Countersink. You can automate the selection process by using the Auto Chamfer option.
2. When defining the Hole Set, select the Auto Chamfer check box on the References tab. This option is available only for Countersink drilling only.
Creo NC evaluates all the holes in the manufacturing model, and machines only those with chamfers corresponding to the Point_Angle of the current tool and not exceeding the diameter of the tool. The names of the axes to be machined are listed in the central list box for axes sets.
You can apply another rule if you want to narrow the selection. For example, if you want to machine only chamfered holes on a certain surface, use Rule: surfaces and select the surface you want.
If you change the tool to a one with a different Point_Angle, the system will automatically update the Hole Set to include the holes matching the new tool.