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About Cross-Selection Mode
In Cross-Selection Mode, you can select items in two or more open views simultaneously. Select one or more items in the active view, and they are selected automatically in the receiving views. You can cross-select MCAD parts or ECAD objects, or you can use cross-selection for ECAD-MCAD collaboration. You can register one or more receiving views from among the views open and loaded in your session:
PCB Layout
MCAD model
By default, the receiving views adjust to center on the selection, though you can also choose to zoom to the selection. The active view remains unchanged. If an object cannot be found in the receiving view, a dialog box provides more information and a message appears in the lower data panel’s Messages pane.
Cross-Selecting Matching Data in Schematic Figures
You can cross-select matching data between 3D illustrations and Schematic figures. For more information see To Cross-Select Matching Data in 3D and Schematic Figures.
Cross-Selecting MCAD Parts
When you activate the External Communication option, your receiving views can include other open sessions of Creo View. You can cross-select parts only.
Cross-Selecting ECAD Objects
When you activate the External Communication option, your receiving views can include other open sessions of Creo View and Creo Parametric. To receive the selections in other sessions of Creo View, the External Communication option must also be activated there.
When External Communication is activated, you can also use Creo View to read this information:
Messages from Creo View ECAD Validate
Change proposal information from Creo Parametric
You can cross-select items from a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet when External Communication is activated in Creo View. Add the macros that are included with the Creo View installation, and then use the custom tools to cross-select components. You can cross-select the following types of reports and items generated in Creo View:
Report Type
Components Available for Cross-selection
Component name
Net name
Net properties
Object-specific—Test points
Test point name
You can also cross-select from other reports, such as a constraints analysis from Cadence Allegro, that contain similarly structured data:
Pin numbers
Pin pair
Pin pair report