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About Views
You can display up to 12 views at once in the graphics area. This includes viewables of different MCAD and ECAD types and saved view states. Thumbnails of the open views appear on the Home tab of the ribbon in the Views group. Reducing the number of views visible in the graphics area hides the extra loaded views, but it does not close them or remove their thumbnails from the Views group.
A view does not open automatically when you open a file. After you open a file, you can select one or more views to load.
When one or more views are open in the graphics area, additional views open as follows:
Active View
The same type of viewable as the new view to open
Drag the view into the graphics area.
Replaces the active view with the new view.
A different type of viewable than the new view to open
Opens a new view.
Right-click and choose Open in New View.
When you open an ECAD view, the design’s Substructure pane opens in the primary panel.