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To Cross-select Objects from Microsoft Excel
To cross-select from Excel, you must also have the corresponding design open in Creo View. First, configure Creo View to receive external messages. Then, cross-select from Excel.
1. To configure Creo View to receive cross-selection messages, see steps 1–3 of the procedure To Cross-Select Objects. Creo View is now configured to receive messages from external sources.
2. In Excel, select a cell or a range of cells in a column.
3. To emphasize the selection in the graphics area, toggle one or both of these settings:
—Zooms to the cross-selected components
—Isolates the cross-selected components
4. Click . The components are selected in Creo View and the cells in Excel appear yellow.
If the item in a cell is not cross-selectable, a message is not sent from Creo View. The cell appears red.
5. To clear the selection in Excel and in Creo View, click . The selection, including cell color and isolation, is cleared.