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About Receiving and Displaying ECAD Images
An ECAD image is an IDX file (*.idx) received from Creo View ECAD Compare or Creo Parametric for the following purposes:
Creo View ECAD Compare—Messages
Creo Parametric—Change proposals
You can receive any number of images for each view.
The External Communication option in the Cross-Selection Mode menu must be selected to receive images. Navigation and visibility settings in Creo View ECAD Compare are also transmitted to Creo View ECAD. Control the visibility of an image using the Color and Visibility pane of the upper data panel. The names of received images appear on this pane, under the Images sublayer of the Annotations layer. Use the View Content pane to control image transparency or to rename or delete an image. When you apply the Transparency option to an image, it is displayed at 50 percent opacity. You can add markup and save the view as an annotation set.