Part Modeling > Engineering Features > Round > Attachments > To Define a Round Attachment Type
To Define a Round Attachment Type
1. Select the references for the round and click Model > Round. The Round tab opens.
2. Click the Options tab.
3. Under Attachment, select one of the following attachment types for the round feature:
Solid (you must select solids as references)
Surface (you must select solids as references)
Same quilt (you must select references from the same surface quilt)
New quilt (you must select a surface quilt as one of your references)
4. If you selected the Surface or New quilt attachment type, you can click the Create end surfaces check box to create end surfaces to cap all of the round piece ends of the entire round feature. This check box is cleared by default.
Side surfaces must exist in order to extend and use them as capping surfaces. If not, the round piece ends cannot be capped.
This check box is different from the Capped check box on the Round tab and the Capped shortcut menu command. The latter two enable you to create end surfaces to cap the gaps between the active transition and part geometry.
You cannot cap rounds between a solid surface and a quilt surface.
5. At this point, the attachment type is defined. You can continue to work with round sets or click to save your changes, create the round, and close the Round tool.