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To Create a Surface-to-Surface Full Round
If you are not using two surfaces to create a Full round, refer to To Create a Full Round.
1. In the graphics window, select two surface references for the Full round.
2. Click Model > Round. The Round tab opens, and the selected surface references are shown. Notice that the selected references are in the References collector on the Sets tab.
3. Click Full round on the Sets tab, or in the graphics window, right-click and choose Full round from the shortcut menu. The system activates the Driving Surface collector located on the Sets tab.
* You can also activate this collector using Driving Surface from the shortcut menu.
4. Select a third surface as the Driving Surface. The system populates the Driving Surface collector with the surface reference, replaces the surface with a Full round, and displays preview geometry of the round.
5. Click .
As you work in the graphics window, you can use Clear from the shortcut menu to clear all references from the active collector.
To remove a reference from within a collector, select the reference that you want to remove, and with your cursor still in the collector right-click and select Remove from the shortcut menu.