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To Create a Constant Round
1. In the graphics window, select the references from which to create the round.
2. Click Model > Round. The Round tab opens and preview geometry is displayed.
If you selected edge references, you can also right-click and choose Round Edges from the shortcut menu to open the Round tab.
If you are using a chain as a reference and you want to modify it, click Details on the Sets tab and use the Chain dialog box.
3. To define a radius, do one of the following:
Drag the radius handle in the graphics window to the preferred distance or snap it to a reference.
Type or select a value in the Radius box on the Round tab.
Enter a value in the Radius column of the table on the Sets tab.
Double-click the radius value in the graphics window, type a new value, and press ENTER.
The distance value is shown in the graphics window, and the preview geometry is dynamically updated.
4. Click .