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About Resolve Mode
Set the regen_failure_handling configuration option to resolve_mode to activate the Resolve Mode. You can also change the failure mode temporarily for the current session by clicking Model > Regenerate > Regeneration Manager > Preferences > Failure Handling > Resolve Mode.
To prevent regeneration problems, the system checks for geometry errors. In Resolve mode, the Geom Check command is automatically activated so you can view the feature that has the possible errors, review the feature definition and make changes to eliminate the potential problem. Critical information is provided so that you can decide what steps you need to take to resolve or prevent a problem. In addition, the following changes occur:
File > Save is not available.
The failed feature and all subsequent features do not regenerate. The current model displays only the regenerated features as they were at the last successful regeneration.
If you are working outside of a feature tool, the RESOLVE FEAT menu and the Failure Diagnostics window are displayed.
When working inside some feature tools, the Troubleshooter dialog box opens so you can get information about the problem first. After diagnosing the problem, open the Failure Diagnostics window and use RESOLVE FEAT menu to resolve the problem.
* In non-tab applications, the feature dialog box opens. In this case, you can redefine the feature or click Resolve to obtain diagnostics or make changes to other parts of the model.