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To Troubleshoot a Feature Failure
1. When working in a feature tool you can open the Troubleshooter dialog box using either of these methods, in addition to the methods listed in step 2.
Click . If there is a problem with the geometry the Troubleshooter dialog box opens. (This does not apply to all features.)
Select and right-click a collector containing a red or yellow dot (, for example) and select What's wrong from the shortcut menu.
2. When working in a feature tool or outside of a feature tool, you can open the Troubleshooter dialog box using either of these methods:
Click Tools > Geometry Checks (available in Resolve mode only).
Click Tools > Model Player (if available) and select Geom Checks from the Model Player dialog box.
3. To automatically center and zoom to geometry in the graphics window when you select it in the Troubleshooter item list, click View > Auto Refit.
4. Select an item in the Troubleshooter dialog box. A message describing the problem appears. If present, the geometry is highlighted in the model. Continue to select items as required.
5. With an item selected, select commands from any of the following menus:
File—Saves the message to a file or model note.
Edit—Ignores errors, display errors as notes in the graphics window, or erases all notes in the graphics window. You can also use the Ignore and Note columns for these actions.
View—Changes your view or select Customize to turn the Attributes window (Ignore and Note) on or off.
Info—Displays feature or item information
6. When you have finished working with the Troubleshooter dialog box, click OK. The RESOLVE FEAT menu may appear or already be open. If it is not open go to step 7.
7. Click . The Failure Diagnostics window opens and the RESOLVE FEAT menu appears.