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Using Geometry Checking
To prevent regeneration problems, the system checks for geometry errors. If needed, the Geom Check command is automatically activated in the INFO and TRIM MODEL menus and in the Model Player, if open, for those features that are successfully created.
For example, if a problematic geometric condition is detected during feature creation or regeneration, the message WARNING: Design intent is unclear. Use Info > Geometry Check for more details appears.
Use the Geom Check command to view the feature that may have an error, so you can revise its definition to eliminate the potential problem. The GEOM CHECK menu provides a namelist of problem features and a Restore command.
What May Cause a Geometry Check Warning?
The following cases might cause the system to issue a geometry check warning:
Using blind features to extrude all the way through a part or intersect another surface
When the blind depth is not quite enough, there will be a little gap, which will be detected by the system. Do not modify the extruded value only—redefine the feature to use one of the Thru depth options.
Sketching intersecting features on drafted surfaces
You may not notice the slight angle of the draft, but the feature you sketch will not quite align with the feature to be intersected. You should either sketch the feature on the original non-drafted surface or use the option Project so the entities align exactly.