Part Modeling > Resolving Regeneration Failures > Resolve Mode > To Use the FEAT FAILED Menu
To Use the FEAT FAILED Menu
1. If a feature fails during creation and it does not use the dialog box interface, the FEAT FAILED menu is displayed with the following options:
Redefine—Redefines the feature.
Show Ref—Opens the Reference Information Window dialog box in which parents and children of the current feature are listed. Click Filters to select what you want to see in the dialog box, and use the Actions Menu or right-click selected items to get reference information.  When selected, items are highlighted in the Graphics window.
Geom Check—Checks for problems with overlapping geometry, misalignment, and so on. This command may be dimmed. If a shell, offset surface, or thickened surface fails, the system stores information about the surfaces that could not be offset. The GEOM CHECK menu displays a list of features with failed geometry and a Restore command.
Feat Info—Get information about the feature.
2. If a feature fails, you can redisplay the part with all failed geometry highlighted in different colors. The system displays the corresponding error messages in an Information Window. Features can fail during creation for the following reasons:
Overlapping geometry—A surface intersects itself. If the system finds a self-intersecting surface, it does not perform any further surface checks. The system highlights the overlapping geometry in red and the corresponding points of intersection in white, and displays an error message.
Surface has edges that coincide—The surface has no area. The surface is highlighted in red and displays an error message.
Inverted geometry—The inverted geometry is highlighted in purple and an error message is displayed.
Bad edges—The bad edges are highlighted in blue and an error message is displayed.
Sheetmetal form—The sheetmetal form features that fail are highlighted in red.