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To Diagnose and Resolve Feature Failures in Resolve Mode
When you are working outside of a feature tool, and your geometry fails during creation, redefinition, or regeneration, the Failure Diagnostics window opens, and the RESOLVE FEAT menu appears. When you are working inside a feature tool click after troubleshooting the problem.
1. In the Failure Diagnostics window, note the reason for failure. You may see something like: FEATURE #17 ROUND). PART XYZ, failed regeneration. Could not construct feature.
2. To further investigate the problem, click:
Overview to see instructions on how to resolve the problem.
Feature Info for detailed information on the failed feature.
Resolve Hints (if available) for suggestions on how to fix the failed feature.
3. Minimize the Failure Diagnostics window. It closes automatically when you resolve the problem.
4. Use the commands in the RESOLVE FEAT menu to fix the failed feature.
Undo Changes—Undoes the changes that caused the failed regeneration attempt, and returns to the last successfully regenerated model. The system displays the Confirmation menu so you can confirm or cancel this request.
Investigate—Investigates the cause of the regeneration failure using the Investigate submenu.
Fix Model—Rolls the model back to the state before failure and select commands to fix the problem.
Quick Fix—Displays the QUICK FIX menu with the following commands:
Redefine—Redefines the failed feature.
Reroute—Reroutes the failed feature.
Suppress—Suppresses the failed feature and its children.
Clip Supp—Suppresses the failed feature and all the features after it.
Delete—Deletes the failed feature. To manage its children, use the Delete All, Suspend All, or Reroute All commands.
After fixing the failure, the model regenerates
5. Click Yes to exit Resolve Feature mode.
* To explore alternative methods for fixing the failed feature without losing the changes you made,
Click Save or Save As before exiting Resolve Feature mode. Then
Click No to re-enter Resolve Feature mode.
Try another method to resolve the failure.