Part Modeling > Resolving Regeneration Failures > Resolve Mode > The INVESTIGATE Menu
The INVESTIGATE menu lists the following options:
Current Modl—Uses the current active (failed) model for operations.
Backup Modl—Uses the backup model, displayed in a separate window (the system displays the current model in the active window) for operations.
Diagnostics—Toggles the display of the failed feature diagnostic window.
List Changes—Shows the modified dimensions in the Main Window and in a pre-regenerated model window (Review Window), if available. Also, display a table that lists all the modifications and changes.
Show Ref—Opens the Reference Viewer in which parents and children of the current feature are listed. Expand the feature, right-click a reference, and choose Delete References or Info > Reference Info from the shortcut menu. When selected, items are highlighted in the graphics window.
Failed Geom—Displays the invalid geometry of the failed feature. This command may be unavailable. The Troubleshooter dialog box displays a list of features with failed geometry.
Roll Model—Rolls the model back to the option selected in the ROLL MDL TO submenu. The options are as follows:
Failed Feat—Roll the model back to the failed feature (for the backup model only).
Before Fail—Roll the model back to the feature just before the failed feature.
Last Success—Roll the model back to the state it was in at the end of the last successful feature regeneration.
Specify—Roll the model back to the specified feature.