Data Management Capabilities > Managing Part Structures > Windchill Options and Variants Capabilities > Filtering a Configurable Product Structure with the Option Filter > Specifying the Filtering Criteria for the Option Filter
Specifying the Filtering Criteria for the Option Filter
To specify filtering criteria and to apply them to the product structure:
1. Go to the Structure page for the top-level part of the structure that you want to filter.
2. Click Edit Filter from the toolbar.
3. In the Edit Filter window, click the Option Filter tab.
The assigned option set is listed at the top of the window under the filter tabs.
4. Before you start selecting choices, you can use these actions located in the top-right corner of the window:
Override the current version of the assigned option set by clicking
View the assigned option set by clicking
Disable rule checking by selecting Disable Rule Checking
If you select Disable Rule Checking when using the Option Filter tab (during the Set Filter step of the Configure process), the system skips the checks for choice rules, choice date effectivity, and for the Minimum Required and Maximum Allowed child parts. This allows you to create a variant part that violates the choice rules and the constraint on the number of the child parts. Once you unselect Disable Rule Checking, the currently selected choices are unselected.
Set the date effectivity for choices (if date effectivity is supported for the option set) by clicking the calendar icon . Once the effectivity is set, the choices that are not effective for the given date are disabled.
5. Select the Design Option tab.
6. The Design Option tab lists the options included in the option set. Previously selected choices are listed in the Choices column. Specify the filtering criteria by selecting the appropriate choices:
a. Click an option, and all choices defined for this option appear in the right pane of the window.
b. In the right pane, click the choices that you want to include in the filtering criteria.
You can filter the table by selecting Options with Choices Selected and Options without Choices Selected from the pull-down list at the top of the table. Alternatively, you can view all options available.
7. When finished, click OK. When you close the Edit Filter window, the filtering criteria are applied to the product structure and the page is refreshed.
Rules affect which choices are selectable, and what choices are selected automatically. For more information, see Effect of Rules on Choice Selection.
Overriding the Version of the Option Set
The assigned option set is a version-controlled object; therefore, when an option set is assigned, it is the specific version of the option that is assigned. If you want to try out a different version of the assigned option set when defining filtering criteria, you can temporarily override the currently assigned option set by selecting another version. This override does not affect other users of the option set.
The ability to override is available to Product Managers, Options Managers, and product members.
To override the option set version, click and select another version from the Select Option Set Version window. To remove the override, click the revert icon . This restores the assigned option set version.