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About Service Structures
Windchill Service Information Manager uses service structures called information structures and publication structures to organize service information in a product or library:
The information structure is an organized hierarchy of operating and service information representing configurations of a product that are manufactured and sold to customers. A product or library can have multiple information structures, with one of them designated as the primary.
For more information, refer to About Information Structures.
The publication structure defines how information within the information structures, libraries, or other sources, is organized for publishing. Authors and publication managers can use the publication structure to create a publication. A product or library can have multiple publication structures.
A publication structure enables you to assemble service content stored in Windchill or associated with an information structure into a document. When the content is assembled in a publication structure, you can publish a representation to PDF or a bundle. Publication structures can be nested.
For more information, refer to About Publication Structures.