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Saving and Reusing Structure Filters
The same structure filter will often be reused from day to day over the life of an important project. Windchill provides the ability to save commonly used filters with a descriptive name, recall and reuse a saved filter from a list, and share filters between users for the duration of a project. A saved filter will store the filter parameters for every filter type.
Use the following steps to save structure filters created in the Edit Filter window:
1. Create and test the structure filter to be saved.
2. Click the Saved Filters icon in the Structure toolbar on a part information page and select Save from the drop-down menu. The Save Filter window appears.
3. Enter a name to be assigned to the saved filter.
4. Select Share to allow other users see and use the saved filter.
5. Click OK.
The filter appears in the Saved Filters drop-down menu on the Structure toolbar. The structure filter that is currently in use is marked with a dot. Select a another saved filter from the list to see the structure displayed using that filter.