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Timeline Filter
Your ability to view and modify the filter might depend on your individual user access. For more information, see Understanding Data Accessibility.
To filter the information displayed in the Timeline History table:
1. Click Filter on the Timeline History table toolbar.
The Timeline Filter window opens.
2. Under Filter, select the following options:
Enter a term by which you want to filter timeline items. Only events that include that keyword are displayed.
Select the views that should be included in the timeline. Only events that occur within that view are displayed.
If the object has been revised, you can limit which revisions should appear in the timeline. Only events specific to those revisions are displayed.
Select specific versions of the object to include in the timeline. Only events specific to those versions are displayed. Versions include the revision and iteration of the object. For more information, see Object Versions.
Date Range
Use the drop-down menu to limit the date range displayed in the timeline. Alternatively, you can enter a more specific range in the From and To fields.
To revert to the previous filter settings, click Reset Filter Settings.
3. Under Highlight, enter keywords that you want to be highlighted under the corresponding color.
For example, if you enter the term state in the field above the yellow line, any entries in the timeline that contain the word “State” are highlighted in yellow.
To revert to the previous highlight settings, click Clear Highlight Settings.
4. Click OK.
To view or hide customized filter options, click Filter Applied on the Timeline History table toolbar.