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History Information Tables
Object information pages display tables of information related to the selected object. The types of tables that display vary according to the needs of your site and the object type. When you customize or create a new tab, you can select additional tables to view.
The tables available under Customize > History provide information on any modifications that have been made to the object. Available tables, listed alphabetically, are described below.
Depending on the object type, user access, and the software you have installed, certain tables might not be available options. For more information, see Understanding Data Accessibility.
Individual user, context, and site level preference settings might also affect the table options available to you. For more information, see Preference Management.
Table Name
Alternate History
Parts that have been designated as alternate parts for the selected object, and provides information about any actions completed using the Alternates table.
AML/AVL Changes
Event information for supplier parts associated with the selected OEM part.
Change History
Provides details about actions taken on projects and plans activity. This includes changes to the start and finish dates, changes to the activity state, and tracking updates to work associated with the object.
Effectivity History
Event information for any effectivities set on the selected object, including the user who performed the changes.
Life Cycle History
Provides a history of any changes in life cycle state or life cycle template for the selected object. The changes could be a result of progressing through a workflow or manually changing the state.
Maturity History
Information about each life cycle or work process through which the object has advanced, including who promoted it and the date the action occurred.
Move History
If an object has been moved from one folder to another, this table provides information such as the original location of the object, the user who moved the object, and the date on which the move occurred.
Process Status
Provides status information for any tasks associated with the process selected in the Routing/Process History table, including whether the task has been completed, its due date, and if it has been approved.
This table only appears if the object has been routed. For more information, see Checking Route Status.
Rename History
Lists any previous names and numbers assigned to an object that has been modified and the user who performed the modification.
When the name, filename, or number of an object is changed, all versions of that object adopt the change.
Revision History
Record of any revisions that have been made of an object.
Routing/Process History
Provides information about any routes or processes that have been initiated for the selected object.
Routing is when a user submits an object for review by another team member, or simply notifies team members of updates concerning the object.
A process can be associated with the workflow, life cycle, or change tracking for the object.
Depending on the object type and whether any routes or processes are associated with the given object, selecting Routing/Process History also displays the Process Status and Task History tables.
For more information, see Managing Processes.
Save-As History
Provides information about clipboard and Save As actions performed on the object.
For example, if the selected object was created as the result of a paste action, or copies of the object have been pasted elsewhere.
Security Labels Change History
Displays a list of security label values that were changed for an object and tracked details such as the date and time of change, and the user who performed the changes. For more information, see Security Labels Change History Table.
For more information about Security Labels, see Security Labels Overview.
Task History
Displays event information for the routing or life cycle task selected in the Routing/Process History table.
This table is available by selecting Routing/Process History, and only appears if a task has been associated with the object.
Displays object history information in a graphical format.
For more information, see Timeline History Table.
Version History
Lists all previous iterations and revisions of the object.
An object is assigned a new iteration value when it is checked out and checked back in. When the Revise action is performed on an object, the object is assigned a new revision label.
The Predecessor column indicates the previous version of the part if the previous version was in a different view. If the previous version was in the same view, the column is blank for that row.
For more information, see Object Versions.
You can use also this table to compare version information.
Voting History
Displays the votes received when a workflow process is initiated that includes voting as part of the assignment.