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Managed Collection Information Page
A managed collection information page is a home for all information related to the managed collection. The information page of a managed collection is accessed by clicking the view information icon . From the information page, you can perform actions on a managed collection, as well as view the object attributes and any related information.
For an overview of information page functionality, see About Information Pages and Customizing Your Information Page Tabs.
Information pages contain a list of applicable actions in a menu at the top of the page. See Actions for a list of common actions available in Windchill.
The following actions may be of particular interest for managed collections.
The availability of these options depends on the status of the managed collection as well as your access to it. For more information about status indicators, see Status Indicators.
The Refresh action reapplies the collection options to the initially selected objects. Depending on the collection options you have set, the refresh action will result in a new collection with updated versions of dependent objects. You can also use this action to display recent updates made by you or another user to the managed collection content. This action is available from the Managed Collection Content table.
Modify certain managed collection attributes, such as the description.
Add or remove initially selected objects from the managed collection, or change the defined collection options.
Add the managed collection to an existing package.
The following tabs are available on the managed collection information page. You can customize the tabs that appear on each object information page to display the information most useful to you. For more information, see Customizing Information Page Tabs.
Your administrator may have modified the tabs that are viewable to you.
Lists the basic attributes of the managed collection. See Attributes for a list of common attributes available in Windchill.
Contains the Managed Collection Content table, which lists all of the objects contained in the managed collection.