Windchill Fundamentals > Working with Windchill Objects > Managed Collections > Creating a Managed Collection
Creating a Managed Collection
You can create a new managed collection from the Folder Contents table in any application context or by clicking the New Managed Collection button from the Add to Managed Collection window launched from an object’s action menu.
1. Set Attributes
If your site has subypes of the managed collection object, a drop-down list appears in the Type field. Select the appropriate managed collection type from the list.
In the Managed Collection Attributes section, fill in the applicable fields:
Set the unique number for the managed collection. This field may not be editable; depending on your site configuration, the number may be automatically generated.
Specify a name for the managed collection. The name can be up to 200 characters in length.
Specify a description for the managed collection.
Specify the context and the folder in which the managed collection resides. By default, the managed collection is created in the context from which you launched the New Managed Collection window.
2. Add Content
This step is only available if you launched the New Managed Collection window from the Folder Contents table.
The Add Content step allows you to add relevant objects to your managed collection and configure your Collection Options. Use the paste icon or the add objects icon to add one or more initially selected objects to the table. For more information, see Add to Managed Collection.
3. [Optional] To preview the objects collected using the collection options you set, click the Preview Collection button. The Preview Collection window opens, displaying both the initially selected and dependent objects for this collection.
4. Click Finish to create the new managed collection and return to the Folders page from which you launched the create action.