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Object Attributes
The following table describes (in alphabetical order) attributes that are common among several Windchill objects. Objects also have attributes that are unique to their object type. For more information, see the help specific to the object type in which you are interested, such as part attributes.
Attributes can be properties that are assigned to an object by default or values that you specify when creating or updating an object. The attributes display in fields and columns throughout Windchill.
Your site determines which attributes display and whether they are mandatory or optional. The site also manages the order and grouping of the attributes.
The context, such as a product or project, in which the object is stored. For more information, see Contexts Overview.
Created By/Creator
The login or display name of the user who created the object.
Created On/Created/Created Date
The date and time when the object was created.
Explanation of the object.
File Name
The name of the uploaded file. This is the primary content of the dynamic or CAD document.
Last Modified
The date and time when the object was last checked in or edited.
Life Cycle Template/Life Cycle
The life cycle template used for the object.
The context and folder in which the object currently resides.
Modified By/Last Modified By/Updated By
The user who last performed a checkin or edit on the object.
The text identifier for the object.
The unique numeric identifier for the object. This field may be generated automatically.
Organization ID
The globally unique organization identifier, such as a CAGE code or DUNS number, associated with the object. Depending on the settings at your site, this field may not appear.
State/Life Cycle State
The current position of the object in the life cycle process.
Team/Team Name
The users or groups of users associated with the object.
The revision and iteration of the object. For more information, see Object Versions.