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Managed Collection Content Table
The Managed Collection Content table is located on the Content tab of a managed collection information page. It provides a central location for accessing information about and managing the objects that make up the managed collection content. See Personalizing Tables for more information about working with tables.
Each object listed in the table is either an initially selected object or a collected object. Initially selected objects are those that are added explicitly using the Add to Managed Collection action. Collected objects are brought in automatically based on the collection rules and filters set on the managed collection.
When a managed collection is included in the contents of another managed collection, it can be expanded to show the set of objects it contains. Each managed collection has its own initially selected or collected objects. Nested managed collection objects can also be collapsed. The contents of a nested managed collection can only be modified from its information page.
When an object in the managed collection contents is deleted from Windchill, the Managed Collection Content table preserves a record of the object’s inclusion. If an object is listed in the Managed Collection Content table with identification information, but does not have an object icon, the object has been deleted.
The columns available in the Managed Collection Content table give you basic information about each object in the table. Columns such as Name, State, and Last Modified appear. Depending on your managed collection configuration, additional columns may appear. The Initially Selected column shows whether the object is an initially selected object or a collected object.
You can change the columns that appear by creating a new view. For more information, see Customizing Table Views.
Actions are available at the top of the Managed Collection Content table. These actions impact the managed collection contents only; they have no impact on the attributes of the listed objects. Depending on your permissions, the following specific actions may be available from the Managed Collection Content table:
Remove Selected Members
Remove objects from the Managed Collection Content table. If you use the Refresh action, the removed objects may be returned to the managed collection, depending on the collection options.
Refresh Managed Collection
Refresh the content in the managed collection. Depending on the collection options set on the managed collection, this may add objects, remove objects, or include different versions of existing objects. Objects removed from the managed collection are restored if they meet the collection options.
Add to Managed Collection
Modify the set of initially selected objects or collection options for the managed collection. For more information, see Add to Managed Collection.