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File Menu
The following table describes the options available from the File menu:
Menu options are available depending on the mode of Product Structure Explorer.
New Options
Menu Option
New > Part
Opens the New window so you can create a new part.
To associate parts to the new part, select the Uses tab. To associate documents, select the Documentation tab.
New > Annotation Set
Opens the New Annotation Set window, so you can create a new annotation set for the selected part.
Open Options
Menu Option
Open > Part
Opens a search window, so you can find an existing part to display.
Open > Annotation Set
Opens the Open Annotation Set window, displaying the current annotations of the selected node.
Additional Options
Menu Option
If you have multiple Product Structure Explorer windows open, closes the current window.
If only one Product Structure Explorer window is open, closes the open assembly but does not close Product Structure Explorer window.
If you are working on a draft, places the draft structure into the database.
If you are working in an annotation set, saves the most recent modifications made in the structure to the current annotation set.
Save As
If you are working on a draft, saves the draft as an annotation set.
If you are working on an annotation set, saves the annotation set as a new annotation set. After you enter the new name, the new annotation set opens in the existing window.
Validate Changes
If you are working on a draft or an annotation set, performs a check on the modifications you made to determine if any errors occur when the draft or annotation set is applied to the database.
Available only when working on an annotation set. Applies the changes in the current annotation set to the database. The structure then opens in edit mode.
If you are in draft mode, select the Save option to place the structure in the database.
Displays the properties of the annotation set.
Options and Variants > Configure
Opens the Specification Editor for the selected advanced configurable part. The Specification Editor is used to select the desired options for the advanced configurable part, which can be saved as a Variant Specification.
If the structure contains any unsaved changes, you are prompted to apply your changes before you are able to use the Specification Editor.
Options and Variants > Validate Logic
Validates the advanced configurable part and displays a report indicating the pass or failure status of the variant solution, page order, component IDs, case table types, and other aspects of the advanced configurable part.
The option is available only in draft mode.
Opens the Preferences window where you can view or modify user preferences for Product Structure Explorer.
Closes all Product Structure Explorer windows.