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Creating a Part
To create a part, use the following procedure:
1. Select File > New Part.
The New Part window opens.
2. Select options from the Context Type, Context Name, and Type drop-down lists.
3. If you want the new part to open in a new explorer window, select Open in new window; otherwise, the newly created part will appear in the existing window, replacing the other structure.
4. If you want the part checked out to you immediately after it is created, select Checkout object? .
5. Click Next. Specify whether or not the part is an end item.
To designate the part as a phantom manufacturing part, change the Phantom Manufacturing Part drop-down list to Yes. Phantom manufacturing parts are parts or assemblies in your mBOM which cannot be allocated to process plan operations. From a business perspective, these parts and assemblies are typically items that are non-stockable. A phantom manufacturing part can have child parts which are not defined as phantom manufacturing parts. Non phantom manufacturing parts that appear underneath the phantom manufacturing part are allocated to the process plan that is related to the first parent non-phantom manufacturing assembly. Phantom manufacturing parts apply to Windchill MPMLink objects only.
6. Fill in the required fields (indicated by an asterisk) and any other desired fields. Before you can save the information on this window, you must fill in all required fields. For detailed descriptions of individual fields, see Part Attributes.
7. Click Next.
You can also add or remove additional attribute values for the new part on this window.
8. When you are finished, click OK. The newly created part appears in an explorer.