Data Management Capabilities > Managing Part Structures > Product Structure Explorer > About Annotating > Creating an Annotation Set
Creating an Annotation Set
To create an annotation set, use the following procedure:
1. In the navigation pane, select a single part in the tree display.
2. In edit mode or in draft mode if no pending changes exist in the draft, select File > New > Annotation Set.
In draft mode, if pending changes do exist in the draft, select File > Save As.
The New Annotation Set window appears.
3. Enter a name to identify the annotation set and, optionally, a description.
4. Select the Open in new window check box , if you want to open this annotation in a separate Product Structure Explorer window.
5. Click OK.
The annotator window opens, displaying the assembly you selected as the root node. You can now annotate the parts in this annotation set.
The set of annotations you make to a product structure are not retained from one annotator session to another unless you explicitly save them.
For more information, see About Annotating.