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Edit Menu
The following table explains the options available from the Edit menu.
Menu options and actions are available depending on the mode of the explorer and the state of the selected object. For more information on some of the additional actions that may appear see About Modes.
Edit Menu
Menu Option
Places the selected object on the clipboard. The object is not removed from the process plan until it is pasted in a new area.
Whether or not part usage information is copied from the source when doing a cut and paste or drag and drop in the tree is defined in the Preference Management utility.
If the selected object cannot be removed, the system performs a copy.
Places the selected object on the clipboard so the object can be included in another area.
Places an object from the clipboard into the selected location.
Places the objects selected in the explorer window on to a clipboard where they can be pasted into locations outside of the explorer.
Places into the explorer parts or document selected from outside of the explorer.
Use to find in the navigation pane objects that meet the entered criteria. Objects are displayed in the tree. Click Find to move to the next object that meets the entered criteria. Possible search types include Name or Number searches, and if visualization is enabled, geometric spatial searches.