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Finding Objects in the Structure
To locate an object in the structure based on the name, number, or both, use the following procedure:
For a more advanced search, see Creating a New Query.
1. Select Edit > Find in Structure.
Click the search icon.
2. Enter information for the object you want to locate. If you enter both a name and number, the system returns only those results matching both criteria.
Use as asterisk (*) as a wildcard, to broaden your search.
3. Select Up or Down to determine in which direction of the structure the system should first find any objects matching your criteria. The starting point is the most recently selected object in the structure.
4. Click Find Next. A message appears indicating the number of matches.
5. Click OK. The system expands the structure and stops and the first match.
6. Click Find Next until you locate the object. When no other matches exist, the Find Next button is no longer enabled.