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Cutting, Copying, and Pasting
Use the Cut, Copy, and Paste actions to move parts and documents among explorer windows.
Cut, copy, and paste are multi-select actions.
To perform these operations, use the following general procedure.
1. Select the object to be cut or copied.
2. Select Edit > Cut, click the cut icon, or press Ctrl+X to place a copy of the object on the clipboard and ultimately remove it from the product structure.
You cannot cut a object that has been annotated as being removed.
Select Edit > Copy, click the copy icon, or press CTRL+C to place a copy of the object on the clipboard.
If a cut action is not allowed for an object, a copy will be performed.
3. Select the location where you want to paste the object. Note the following:
A child part cannot be added to itself.
You cannot paste into a part that has been annotated as being removed (Product Structure Explorer only)..
You may not be able to paste an object based on relationship constraints, which determine valid associations among objects. See your administrator for more information.
4. Select Edit > Paste, click the paste icon, or press CTRL+V .
If you are cutting, copying, or dragging the root part of a structure, or if you have disabled the copying of usage information by setting the Copy Part Usage Information on Cut/Copy/Paste or Drag-and-Drop of Part preference to false, then you are asked to specify the quantity, and the unit of measurement for the pasted part.
5. Click OK.
The pasted object appears in the new location. The cut does not actually occur until the paste operation completes successfully.