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Undoing a Checkout
Unlike the Check In action, Undo Checkout does not save any changes, and no new iteration of the object is created. You can only undo the checkout of an object that you have previously checked out.
The Undo Checkout action is available from the Actions menu in the following locations:
Information page of an object
Right-click menu available in table rows throughout Windchill
Use the following procedure to undo a checkout for an object:
1. Select Undo Checkout from an Actions list.
2. A confirmation message appears. Click OK to undo the checkout.
The page is refreshed and the following occurs:
Any changes you made to the working copy are deleted.
The object is removed from the Home > Checked-Out Work table.
The checked out by you status icon is removed from object (for example, on the Folder Contents table and the object information page).
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