Windchill RV&S
Use Windchill RV&S actions to allow ThingWorx Flow workflows to access and execute actions on Windchill RV&S.
Release version
Supported actions
Supported trigger
No Windchill RV&S triggers are available.
Supported connector types
OAuth (Named User)
OAuth (Session User)
Prerequisites—For Windchill RV&S 12.3
1. Set up and configure the Windchill RV&S 12.3 Server.
2. In the ResourcesNameMapping.xml file at <Windchill RV&S_Server_Directory>/data/rws, for the following target fields, modify the source values as shown below:
Live Item ID
Major Version ID
Minor Version ID
The field names of the various actions of the Windchill RV&S connector will be the same as the source values in the ResourcesNameMapping.xml file. To see appropriate field names for the actions, you can change the source values for the other target fields. However, ensure that there are no spaces in the source values.
3. Execute the following endpoint:
You can use the HTTP Request action to execute the endpoint. Provide the Connection URL, and Username and Password of an administrator user to add an HTTP Basic connector. Set the Relative URL to the Bootstrap API endpoint URL. If Windchill RV&S is not configured to use SSL/TLS, then set SSL Certificate Verification to false; otherwise set it to true.
Note the following points:
Ensure that you run this endpoint every time you update the ResourcesNameMapping.xml file.
Whenever the server is restarted, the ResourcesNameMapping.xml file is reset to original and the modified file is saved as backup as ResourcesNameMapping.xml.bak.
Delete the ResourcesNameMapping.xml file, rename the ResourcesNameMapping.xml.bak to ResourcesNameMapping.xml, and run the endpoint again.
To understand how you can use Windchill RV&S actions, see Example: Using Windchill RV&S Actions.
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