PTC supports the following out-of-the-box services that are provided to enterprise systems and devices. Select one of the following services from the Services tab in the Workflow Editor:
Box (File collaboration)
Dropbox (File collaboration)
Dynamics 365 CRM (Microsoft Azure-based ERP, CRM and Field Service SaaS offering)
Github (Website for storing software project files, collaborating with a distributed team of developers and managing versions)
Gitlab (Web based repository with wiki and issue tracking features related to specific software branches)
Google (suite of Google web-based applications and services)
©2020 Google LLC All rights reserved. is a trademark of Google LLC.
JIRA (Agile software development management & collaboration)
Office 365 (Office document management and collaboration)
Pubnub (Realtime publish/subscribe messaging service built the Pubnub global data stream network)
SAP® is a registered trademark of SAP SE.
SAP RFC (Material items, production work orders, maintenance orders, service orders)
SAP® is a registered trademark of SAP SE.
Salesforce (Sales cloud SaaS system)
Servicemax (GE’s field service solution built on Salesforce platform)
Slack (Atlassian channel-based team chat/communications solution)
ThingWorx (Connect to local or remote ThingWorx to subscribe to events, execute services and interact with ThingModel)
Trello (Atlassian project collaboration & list management service)
Twilio (SMS and text message delivery application)
USgeocoder (Get geolocation based on zip code or address—supports only United States Addresses/postal codes)
Windchill (OData, Swagger & Info*Engine services for wtparts, wtdocuments, CAD Documents)
Windchill RV&S (Requirements and test management via OData-exposed services)
All ThingWorx Flow users are required to agree to a privacy policy before accessing the ThingWorx Flow features and functionality.
ThingWorx Flow uses YouTube API Services.
Refer to the Google Privacy Policy here.
While accessing or using Authorized Data, in addition to the normal procedure for deleting stored data in ThingWorx Flow, users can revoke the ThingWorx Flow’s access to their data via the Google security settings page at
The YouTube service uses the YouTube API Services. The YouTube Terms of Service (ToS) are available here. The Google Privacy Policy is available here.
©2021 Google LLC All rights reserved. is a trademark of Google LLC.
Zendesk (Customer support application)
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