ThingWorx Flow
ThingWorx Flow
ThingWorx Flow enables you to easily and quickly connect to enterprise systems and devices and orchestrate the flow of information among these systems and devices in support of business processes.
It is an integration platform that enables you to automate tasks by connecting to on-premise systems, cloud systems, and devices. It orchestrates flows among connected systems and devices with the visual flow canvas.
ThingWorx Flow offers various advantages such as the following:
Reduces time, effort, and needed skills to connect system and devices.
Helps you to create and modify the flows visually, without programming.
Deployment Options
You can deploy ThingWorx Flow in one of the following ways:
ThingWorx Flow is available for an on-premise installation by customers when they purchase the Enterprise SCO and SCP editions of ThingWorx. Customers can choose to install this optional package immediately after installing ThingWorx Foundation they can install it later.
For example, you can install Kepware and ThingWorx Foundation to connect with and monitor factory equipment, and then later install the ThingWorx Flow package to connect with their MES or other production systems. A subset of the ThingWorx Foundation server OS and Database platforms is supported for the deployment of the ThingWorx Flow add-on packages.
For more information on the installation system requirements, refer to ThingWorx Flow server requirements.
In the PTC Azure Cloud Environment
ThingWorx Flow is also available in a PTC hosted Azure cloud environment. Note the following:
It requires purchase of a ThingWorx Enterprise SCO or SCP hosting service. Both services include support of ThingWorx Flow capabilities.
Each cloud service instance is dedicated to a customer account. This is different from a multitenant model where system performance and actions may be influenced by the activities of other tenants.
The ability to connect with cloud-based system and device connectors is provided out of the box by PTC and its partners. Initially there is no support for connector additions for a custom system.
The ability to connect with the on-premise systems and devices such as SAP and Windchill requires additional setup.
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