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Getting Started with ThingWorx Flow
This section lists various topics to help you get started using ThingWorx Flow.
ThingWorx Flow Components: This topic introduces you to various ThingWorx Flow components that you will use to create and manage workflows. These components are the basic building blocks of any workflow to be executed.
Installation and Configurations: This section includes processes for installing, configuring, migrating, upgrading, and un-installing ThingWorx Flow.
The ThingWorx Flow Dashboard: This topic explains the ThingWorx Flow dashboard and its components, helping you understand the features and activities performed.
Creating and Managing Workflows: This section explains various functions performed while creating and executing workflows. It describes how to:
Add and edit workflows
Add and manage actions
Add an inline expression to the action input field
Manually map previous action's output
Set conditions between two actions
Change a trigger in a workflow
Test workflow execution, workflow settings, and manage existing workflows
Creating and Managing Connectors: This topic explains the connectors and how to create and manage them in workflows.
Creating and Managing Triggers: This section explains the triggers and how to create and manage them in workflows, and describes the webhooks and how to use them in the workflows.
Creating and Managing Custom Actions: This section explains the custom actions, how to create and modify them.
Example: ThingWorx Alert Management Workflow: This topic illustrates a sample workflow using various connectors and triggers, along with detailed steps.
Out-of-the-Box Services, Utilities, and Devices: This section describes various services, utilities, and devices connection facilitated in ThingWorx Flow.
ThingWorx Flow SDK: This section illustrates SDKs used in ThingWorx Flow to load the connector and access the connections, actions, triggers, and lookups contained in it.
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