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Creating and Managing Custom Actions
ThingWorx Flow lets you create custom actions per your requirement. You can create custom actions from scratch using the code editor or you can re-use the out-of-the-box actions to suit your requirements. Most of the out-of-the-box actions are available for customization. After you create these custom actions, you can use them in your workflow.
ThingWorx Flow provides the following capabilities for custom actions:
Use one of the following methods to create the code structure in the custom action:
Edit the prepopulated default template to write your own code
Inherit an existing action
Copy an existing action
Add your custom action under one of the following groups:
Existing connector group, if you have inherited or copied an existing action.
Custom Actions
Custom Group
Provide an icon for your custom action to distinguish and brand your custom actions.
Support localization of custom actions.
Support for updating allowed list node modules and copy prohibited connectors list by using the connector customization functionality.
The following sections provide information about how you can create, use, and manage custom actions:
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