Dashboard Services
There are services that are dashboard-specific and are listed below. All dashboard services are found in the DashboardFunctions Resources section in ThingWorx.
Service Name-Description
CreateDashboard — Create a dashboard.
DeleteDashboard — Delete a dashboard.
GetDashboard — Locate a dashboard by ID.
GetDashboardbyTitle — Locate a dashboard by its title.
GetDashboardGroupByTitle — Locate a dashboard group by title.
AddDashboardGroup — Add a dashboard group.
RenameDashboard — Rename a dashboard.
RenameDashboardGroup — Rename a dashboard group.
RenameDashboardItem — Rename a gadget on a dashboard.
GetDashboardGroupList — List the group names in a dashboard.
RemoveDashboardGroup — Remove a group from a dashboard.
MoveDashboardGroup — Move a group within a dashboard.
AddDashboardItem — Add a gadget to a dashboard.
GetDashboardItem — Find a gadget on a dashboard.
GetDashboardItemList — Find gadget names on a dashboard.
RemoveDashboardItem — Remove a gadget from a dashboard.
MoveDashboardItems — Move a gadget on a dashboard.
GetDashboardForCurrentUser — List all dashboards visible to the current user.
SearchAllDashboards — Search for a dashboard by tag.
SearchGadgets — Search for a gadget by tag.
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