ThingWorx Model Definition in Composer
ThingWorx Model Definition in Composer
Building an IoT solution in ThingWorx begins with a Thing-centric view of your solution in which Things are a critical part of creating your model. Your ThingWorx model is a collection of entities that represent your process, solution, and/or application. The process of building a model is similar to object-oriented design. You decompose your Things, define their interactions, and define the properties, services, and events that you want to expose to your application developers.
Entities are the highest-level objects created and maintained in ThingWorx. There are many entity types in ThingWorx, but to explain modeling a physical world to a digital ThingWorx model, see Things, Thing Shapes, and Thing Templates.
Your ThingWorx model is surfaced through a set of REST APIs, making it easy to consume. The individual APIs of your Things provide the handles for the applications that you and your partners create.
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