Dashboard Run Time
The “end-to-end” dashboard user does not require in-depth knowledge of ThingWorx in order to use dashboards. After the backend development work is complete, the end user is able to configure the content and layout of their dashboard(s). Using the available gadgets, a dashboard user can create and delete groups within dashboards, as well as share, delete, and edit dashboards.
Adding Groups to a Dashboard
1. From the dashboard, click the gear icon on the top right side of the dashboard title.
2. Click Add New Group.
3. Type the group name.
4. Click Create Group.
Dashboard Options
Edit Dashboard — Changes the title of the dashboard.
Add New Group — Adds a new group and title to the dashboard.
Add Dashboard — Adds a new dashboard and initial group name.
Manage Sharing — Using the organizations within the model, designate the organizations and organization units to share the dashboard with.
Delete Dashboard — Deletes the currently displayed dashboard
Adding Gadgets to a Group on a Dashboard
1. From the dashboard group, click the gear icon on the top right of the group title.
2. Click Add Gadget.
3. Locate the gadget to add to the dashboard and click the plus sign (+) on the top left of the gadget.
4. Select the dashboard and group to add the gadget to.
5. Type a gadget title.
6. Click Add.
Group Options
The following options are available within a group on a dashboard:
Add Gadget — Adds any available gadgets to the group.
Edit Group — Changes the group title.
Delete Group — Deletes the current group from the dashboard.
Sharing a Dashboard with Another Organizational Unit
A user can only share a dashboard with organizations and corresponding organization units that they are a member of.
1. From the dashboard, click the gear icon on the top right and click Manage Sharing.
2. Select an organization and the corresponding organization unit(s) that you want to share the dashboard with.
3. Click Save.
The organizations you are a member of are listed in the first column, and the corresponding organization units are listed in the second column. In the third column, if the dashboard has been shared, the organization and organization unit names will appear grayed out, and the option to remove sharing from that org is available (red “x” icon).
Dashboard Naming Convention
ThingWorx allows for multiple dashboards to have the same name. For example, a company has a Dashboard named “Daily Monitoring,” and they want multiple divisions within the company to use. While the content of each dashboard is different, the name can remain the same. Dashboards can exist within groups and are searchable at many levels. The Name field is the dashboard’s title.
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