Creo Simulate > Running Solvers > Native Mode Solvers > msengine > msengine
Use this command to run a single design study from your operating system. You can run a study containing structural analyses, thermal analyses, or both. In order to use this command, you need engine input files.
When you select Run > Batch on the Analyses and Design Studies dialog box, Creo Simulate does the following:
writes the input files that the Structure engine needs for the run, but does not actually start the run
places an msengine command in a batch file each time you use the Batch option
Optionally, you can run a single design study by manually entering the same msengine command that Creo Simulate placed in the batch file. You do this by entering the following at the command prompt:
msengine study[options]
where study is a directory with the same name as your design study. This directory contains the engine input files.
You also use the msengine command to access external optimizers for design optimization.
After the msengine command executes the run of your design study, you can monitor the status of the run and review the summary file by selecting Info > Status on the Analyses and Design Studies dialog box.
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