Creo Simulate > Running Solvers > Native Mode Solvers > Monitoring an Analysis or Design Study Run > Run Status
Run Status
To view the run status of an analysis and to view the diagnostic messages that are displayed during a run, click Info > Status, or click on the Analyses and Design Studies dialog box.
The Run Status dialog box has the following areas:
The Simulation Diagnostics Area—Displays the error, warning and information messages for a run. Click File > Save Diagnostic to save the diagnostic messages to a text file.
The Analysis Details Area—Displays the name and type of analysis.
The Analysis Status—Displays details such as the time taken for an analysis run, date and time when the Run Status dialog box was invoked, and the run status of an analysis.
The Status Summary Area—This area displays the detailed summary and log of an analysis run. It comprises the following tabs:
You can view the summary, log, or checkpoints files for a run by selecting the Summary, Log, or Checkpoints tabs.
You can also access the summarystudy.rpt, log study.stt, and checkpoints files study.pas directly as they are stored as text files in the analysis or design study directory. (study is the name of your analysis or design study).
Click to display the status summary area and click to hide it.
Convergence Plots-This area displays graphs for non-linear analyses. Convergence plots are available for nonlinear static analyses, dynamic time analyses and dynamic frequency analyses.
Click to display the convergence plots and click to hide them.