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Use mecbatch
The mecbatch command executes from your operating system the run of one or more design studies you previously included in a batch file.
To use mecbatch, for each study you want to include in a batch file, do the following:
Click Home > Analyses and Studies.
Select the design study you want to batch from the dialog box.
Click Run > Batch on the Analyses and Design Studies dialog box. The Batch dialog box opens. You can use this dialog box to specify a new name for the batch file, change the directory where this file is stored, or append the study to an existing batch file.
By default, Creo Simulate names the file mecbatch (mecbatch.bat on Windows) and places it in the directory from which you started Creo Simulate.
When you are ready to run the mecbatch command:
Open a command shell.
Enter mecbatch at the operating system command prompt.
* If you changed the name of the batch file, enter that name instead of mecbatch to start running the design studies.
The msengine command for an individual design study contains information you entered on the Analyses and Design Studies dialog box. Each time you click Run > Batch on the Analyses and Design Studies dialog box, Creo Simulate places an msengine command for a design study.
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