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Use msengine
You can specify one or more of the following options after the input directory name:
–i input_dir—Specifies the location of the directory containing the engine input files.
–w working_dir1;working_dir2;...—Specifies the location of the directory or directories in which the engine places temporary files during the run.
–solram ram_size—Specifies the amount, in megabytes, of memory to be allocated for direct solver memory and for element data for the iterative solver.
–iter n—Specifies that the engine uses the iterative solver after polynomial pass n, a number from 1 to 8.
–sturm option—Specifies whether or not the Structure engine performs a Sturm sequence test for a modal analysis.
–extopt—Specifies that Creo Simulate uses an external optimizer to run either a function evaluation (using a standard study) or a gradient evaluation (using a local sensitivity study).
–ascii—Specifies that the engine writes the engine output files in ASCII format.
–p password—Specifies an optional password.
–bsram ram_size—Specifies the amount, in megabytes, of block solver RAM the engine uses for equation solving.
–elram ram_size—Specifies the amount, in megabytes, of RAM available to store element matrices created by the iterative solver.
–massnorm—Specifies that the Structure engine mass-normalizes mode shape vectors instead of unit-normalizing them in modal analysis.
–no_supercon_recovery—Suppresses superconvergent stress recovery.
–contact_penetration pen_percent—Specifies the allowable penetration percentage for contact analyses.
–results_io_cache_size <size>—Specifies the size of the results IO cache.
–results_always—Forces postprocessing during SPA pass 1 in an analysis.
–pmax n—Specifies the maximum p-order in a transient thermal analysis.
–no_pert—Suppresses perturbation solvers.
–asm_elm_fix_p_order_off—Fixes the p-order in assembly elements.
–sim_accurate_asm_links—Forces assembly link calculations to take into account the separation of linked shells.