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About Features
Use the options on the Datum group of the Refine Model tab to create simulation features on your model. Simulation features are modeling features, such as datum points and coordinate systems, that you can use to help define modeling entities, such as loads and constraints.
Creo Simulate saves and regenerates these features each time you reenter the Creo Simulate environment. You can promote certain simulation features (datum points, datum curves, datum planes, and datum axes) to Creo Parametric features, where they remain permanently visible. If you do not promote the features, they are not visible in Creo Parametric. You cannot promote coordinate systems, surface regions, or volume regions to Creo Parametric.
You can create the following simulation features. Click on these topics for more information:
Datum points
Datum curves
Datum planes
Coordinate systems
Datum axes
Datum References
You can add these simulation features to your model while you are working with modeling entities such as loads, constraints, and beams.