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Datum Point
Use Refine Model > Point to create datum points. You may need datum points on your model to create a number of Creo Simulatemodeling entities. For example, point loads, springs, and Near Point measures require a datum point.
When you select Refine Model > Point, Creo Simulate opens the DATUM POINT dialog box, which you use just as you would in Creo Parametric. If your model is an assembly then the Select a Component dialog box opens. The top level assembly is selected by default and displayed in the collector. Select the component for which you want to create datum points. Click OK. You can select a vertex, curve, edge or surface location for creation of a datum point.
Also, you can use the button to add a datum point to your model during the creation of other Creo Simulate entities. For more information on these methods of creating datum points, search the Part Modeling functional area of the Creo Parametric Help Center.
When you create datum points, Creo Simulate treats the points as simulation features. Simulation features are not visible or accessible when you return to Creo Parametric unless you promote them.