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Datum References
Creo Simulate allows selection of Creo Parametric intent objects that are automatically created based on the model geometry. These design intent objects are homogeneous collections of points, edges, curves or surfaces. Creo Simulate also allows you to manually create datum reference features that store design intent objects. You can create datum reference features using the Datum Reference tool. You can use these datum reference features as references when creating simulation features and simulation objects.
Click Refine Model > Datum > Reference to create the following types of intent objects:
Intent Surface—You can select multiple associated surfaces.
Intent Chain—You can select multiple associated edges or curves.
Intent Datum Point—You can select a datum point to be used a reference.
Intent Curve—You can select multiple datum curves or sketched curves.
You can promote datum reference features to Creo Parametric.
If you update a datum reference feature that is selected as a reference for a simulation entity using the Datum Reference dialog, Creo Simulate updates the simulation entity automatically.
* Datum reference features can only be created in Part mode.
Refer to the Part Modeling Help for more information on datum reference features and intent objects.