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Datum Curve
Use Refine Model > Curve to create datum curves. You can use datum curves on your model to create a number of simulation modeling entities. For example, some loads and constraints can require a datum curve for designing certain idealization features, like beams.
You can create datum curves using one of the following methods:
Curve Through Points
Curve from Equation
Curve from Cross Section
If you are working with an assembly, click Refine Model > Datum > Curve. The Select a component dialog box opens. Use this dialog box to indicate whether you want to create the datum curve at the assembly level or on one of the assembly components.
For more information on creating datum curves, refer to the Part Modelling Help.
When you create datum curves, Creo Simulate treats the curves as simulation features. Simulation features are not visible or accessible when you return to Creo Parametric unless you promote them.