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Promoting Datum Features to Creo Parametric
When you create datum features in Creo Simulate, the features are not visible or accessible in Creo Parametric unless you promote them. To promote a datum feature, right-click the feature in the Model Tree and select Promote from the shortcut menu.
The following gives you more information about promoting simulation features to Creo Parametric:
In the Creo Parametric environment, if you delete or suppress a promoted simulation feature that another simulation entity (load, constraint, feature, and so on) references, the software deletes the referencing entity without a warning message.
You must promote a parent simulation feature before you promote a child simulation feature.
You cannot transfer a promoted simulation feature back to Creo Simulate.
You cannot promote a simulation feature that is a child of a non-promotable feature (surface region, volume region).
You cannot promote a Creo Parametric feature to Creo Simulate.