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Setting Simulation Visibility
You can control how icons and mesh entities are displayed on your model. To do so, click Simulation Display on the Graphics toolbar. The Simulation Display dialog box opens. Use the following tabs on the dialog box to turn on and off particular icon displays and mesh visibility states.
Settings—Control the appearance of your icons and activate or deactivate the display of mesh control icons.
Modeling Entities—Control the visibility of idealization and connection icons.
Loads/Constraints—Control the visibility of load and constraint icons.
Set Visibilities—Control the visibility of load sets and constraint sets.
Mesh—Control how Creo Simulate displays a mesh.
At the bottom of this dialog box is the Show Simulation Entities check box. You can use this to display or hide all simulation entity icons. This check box appears on all tabs.
The changes you make in the Simulation Display dialog box affect the current session only. You can change the icon visibility to affect all Creo Simulate sessions by making changes in the configuration option file.