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Loads/Constraints Tab
Use this tab on the Simulation Display dialog box to control visibilities of load and constraint icons. Two sections of the tab list icons available in Structure and Thermal. Although the two products do not share the icons, each having its own set, all icons on the tab are accessible from both products.
By default, all Structure icons are set to be visible and all Thermal icons are invisible if you are working in Structure. In Thermal, all Thermal icons are set to be on and all Structure icons are off. If you want to change these settings, use the Clear All or Select All buttons, or make individual selections in the Structure or Thermal section of the tab.
Force/Moment Loads
Pressure Loads
Bearing Loads
Gravity Loads
Centrifugal Loads
Structural Temperatures
MEC/T Temperatures
MEC/T History Temperatures
Displacement Constraints
Symmetry Constraints
Heat Loads
Prescribed Temperatures
Convection Conditions
Symmetry Constraints
To obtain more information about icons, see Icons Used in Creo Simulate.
Another method you can use to manage visibilities is layers. You can place varying combinations of loads and constraints along with the modeling entities on a layer. Then, you can blank the layer to remove from view the entities on it, or show the layer to restore the layer entities to view. For more information on layers, search the Fundamentals area of the Creo Parametric Help Center.
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