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Modeling Entities Tab
Use this tab on the Simulation Display dialog box to control visibilities of idealization and connection icons. The tab lists all idealization and connection icons available in native mode or FEM Mode. However, you can only access icons of those entities that are associated with the particular mode and product you are currently working in, while the others remain inactive.
By default, Creo Simulate sets all accessible icons to be visible. To hide them, you can either use the Clear All button or turn off the icons of specific idealizations or connections.
Idealizations, Properties, and Measures
Shell Pairs
Beam Sections
Beam Releases
Material Assignments
Rigid Links
Rigid Link DOFs
Weighted Links
Weighted Link DOFs
To obtain more information about icons, see Icons Used in Creo Simulate.
Another method you can use to manage visibilities is layers. You can place varying combinations of modeling entities as well as loads and constraints on a layer. Then, you can blank the layer to remove the entities on it from view, or show the layer to restore the layer entities to view. For more information on layers, search the Basic Creo Parametric functional area of the Creo Parametric Help Center.
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